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insert balloon, inflate & play!

transforming the simple joy of
balloon play for all ages

Makes Balloons Safe

Reduces chance of popping & contains remnants to keep kids safe from choking


Twist instead of tying so you can easily deflate. Works with any standard latex balloon (3 included).

Suitable for Latex Allergies

The latex balloon is contained in a beautiful 100% cotton cover

Packs Small

Play anywhere, anytime! Reusable and washable so you always have a toy to hand.

“The BubaBloon was incredibly popular with our testers – children and adults alike! We love this as a light weight alternative to regular balls, which makes it easier for children to learn how to kick and catch without the weight of a ball, or the risk of the balloon bursting or floating away. Our testers discovered it was perfect for playing football indoors without breaking anything. Babies loved rolling the ball around, or even rolling themselves over the ball! It’s durable, washable, and easy to put together – and because all you need is the cover and a balloon (no pump needed) it’s an ideal travel/emergency entertainment toy.”

-Fundamentally Children, Good Toy Guide

1. Insert balloon
2. Inflate, then twist or tie
3. Tuck inside and play!