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Be safe, have fun!

by elena Torres

Be safe, have fun!


All parents know how many worries come with having little ones – sometimes it feels like potential risks are lurking around every corner, whether it’s at home or out and about. Little fingers seem drawn to things they shouldn’t be, from kitchen cupboards to electrical sockets to mummy’s make-up bag.


We all do what we can to protect our kids from accidents, whether it’s baby proofing every inch of our homes, doing our best to convince overexcited toddlers that holding hands to cross the road is a must, or turning into a broken record with the phrase “Don’t touch!” when visiting non-child friendly environments.


But some little risks are easy to avoid, and doing so can actually make things fun for children. That’s exactly why we created the BUBABLOON® and what makes it so popular with parents. By making balloons safe to play with for babies, toddlers and bigger kids, our specially designed cover is a win-win for mums and dads.


Balloons can be very dangerous for young children; in fact research has shown that they cause more childhood fatalities than any other toy*.


A BUBABLOON® makes it very difficult to pop the balloon within, greatly reducing the probability of choking on a burst piece of latex. If a balloon does pop, it will stay safely within the cover, away from the reach of little hands.


BUBABLOON® has been thoroughly tested and is certified as EN71 compliant, carrying the mark so you have peace of mind that your little ones can play safe.

So that’s one less things to worry about…!




Lorna and Elena.

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