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Parties full of BUBABLOON® fun

by elena Torres



Since the launch of BUBABLOON® we’ve been listening closely to the feedback we are getting and think you’ll love our party bags with a difference.  As parents ourselves, we know what makes children smile and sometimes it is good simple, fun – that’s why we think the BUBABLOON® brings something completely unique to party time.  So, in June we will be launching our multi-pack party range to pop into your kiddies leaving bag.  An unique and special gift to ensure your little guests leave with the perfect party-bag to remember.


Balloons at a children’s party are a must-have but to avoid the hazards of bursting and choking the BUBABLOON® cocoons the balloon transforming it into a durable, unbreakable but most of all safe children’s toy for all ages and perfect for playtime.  Party games are a great way to break the ice at a party and help shy children feel more comfortable and involved in the proceedings.


Games should be age appropriate, remember that the younger the child, the less able they will be to concentrate for long periods of time – so keep things simple and easy to understand.


Some of our family favourites using the BUBABLOON® are; batting games, balloons races, balloon tag and pass the balloon but the possibilities are endless and help provide hours of entertainment.


Giving each child a BUBABLOON® in their party-bag will certainly put a smile on their face and leave a lasting memory. Our top tips for getting it right is to PLAN: work out how many party-bags you will require, CO-ORDINATE: fit in with the colour scheme or overall theme of your party, there are lots of bold and vibrant designs to choose from, SHARE: if you have played some great games with the BUBABLOON® during the party why not put a card in each of the party-bags sharing the games so the children and enjoy the fun at home with their family and friends.



And why leave all the BUBABLOON® party fun to the kids, they are also perfect for Baby Showers – giving the soon-to-be mums and dads a fun send-off into parenthood and a gift that will be perfect when their little one arrives.


Our biggest piece of advice when it comes to balloon-play at parties is to keep it fun, safe and simple -the BUBABLOON® will cover the rest.


Lorna and Elena.

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