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Travel without the kitchen sink this summer

by elena Torres

With June almost here and the summer holidays are just around the corner, Lorna and I have been chatting with our twitter followers about space saving toy solutions.  It’s no surprise that all of our recent reviews have talked about how portable, light and small our BUBABLOON® is and how it has solved the old……. what to pack….. for the kids on a trip issue.

OK so we keep going about it but taking any trip with babies and toddlers can be no mean feat, dragging along a mountain of equipment, from buggies to sterilisers and trying to take enough books and toys to ensure they are never bored.

So what’s the key to a happy family holiday…………keeping tantrums to a minimum…… we hear you shouting back at us!  That little ‘bag of tricks’ we parents have to hand is always the key to keeping them amused. From food and drink to their favourite toys and whatever else can grab to keep them entertained and happy. 

Without doubt our little BUBABLOON® should be the latest addition to your holiday bag of tricks – simple, safe and fun, it’s the kiddie must-have toy of the summer season that won’t waste any boot space or baggage allowance and will keep the little (and big) kids entertained for hours, happy kids =  happy parents.

Don’t forget its re-usable and soft to touch, featuring some bright and vibrant designs which make it a sensory delight. What’s more, it is machine washable to cater for all those travelling mishaps.

A hassle-free family holiday can be more than just what dreams are made of – if you plan ahead and think about every stage of your journey, life can be a lot simpler. Some of our top general travelling tips that have kept us sane include:

  • Ask for help – flight attendants, airport staff and hotel teams are often very accommodating when travelling with a baby, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.
  • Accommodation – hotels are often easier if you wish food and drink to be included, however a self-catering apartment can often be more spacious and often has a fridge to store food and milk, not to mention cooking facilities. If a hotel is your first choice, you can always find out ahead of your trip if you can hire a fridge for your room.
  • Stay safe - take a first aid kit, most baby medicines are now available in single dose sachets and are ideal for popping in to your case.
  • Take off - Make sure you have a drink for or can feed your baby during take-off as this will help reduce ear popping.
  • Keeping cool – sun tents and parasols are great for staying in the shade, allowing your little one to enjoy the outdoors without risk of overheating.

Wherever you are planning to take your little one on holiday, whether it is in the UK or further afield, keeping them amused and happy can make your whole holiday experience a breeze.

Where’s BUBA?

If you have already purchased the BUBABLOON® as your kiddie must-have travel essential for 2015, we would love to see it in action. We are setting all our BUBABLOON® families the challenge of seeing how many places the BUBABLOON® can travel to this summer. Why not like us on facebook and twitter and tell us about your BUBABLOON®’s travels around the world?

Elena and Lorna.

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