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Meet our first guest Blogger and our Big BUBA

by Lorna Edwards

Let me tell you a story…….back in the day when I had my first child (1986) there was no such thing as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc and the word “blog” hadn’t even ventured into the English language! 

(Blog a truncation of the expression weblog, a word that emerged in the late 1990s to facilitate the posting of web content by non-technical users.)

None of my friends had any children and the only way to get advice and support was to ask your own mother or venture out to a park or playgroup and hunt down some unsuspecting lone mother looking for some adult chat too!  Boy I wish I had access to blogging in the 80s. 

There is nothing you can’t find out about, get support, advice or let off steam on where you have a blog.   I have taken to blogging like a mother (well grandmother to be precise) duck to water.

However, I don’t want to bore you with Elena and I’s thoughts all the time so we think it would be a nice idea to let some of the bloggers we have connected with through social media to blog for us, about anything they want that is interesting and topical.

We are pleased to introduce Ami Roberts

Who has just returned to work and in her own words is a “wife to a pretty cool man and first time Mummy to her Bubba.” 

She also says she “started The Mummy Spam as a space for her to get all her mummy spamming that she had a deep set urge to do away from Facebook as she felt pretty sure not everyone wanted to know the ins and outs of her mummy life…….”


Amy wrote one of our first BUBABLOON® reviews having made contact with us through Twitter.  Our next blog will be posted by Ami, so watch this space. 

You can read more about Ami 


It doesn’t get bigger than Big BUBA its 36 inches in diameter that 3 times the size of its sibling! Made to the usual BUBABLOON® standards its machine washable and portable it is available in two vibrant colours Cerise Stars and Dots and Spots Blue and is ideal for slipping into your bag for fun and games on your travels at home or abroad. 



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Have fun in the sun Elena and Lorna.

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