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Joining the BUBABLOON family

by Sarah McBride

As a 19 year-old, I'm sure you can imagine my boyfriend's shock when he caught me browsing through the BUBABLOON range and pictures of babies thoroughly enjoying their new fun and safe toy....

As much as I've always loved babies, I'm not feeling maternal yet and I was quick to communicate this to Luke. Rather, I was looking at the product range of the new venture a close family friend of mine had kept very tight-lipped about. Over lunch in a very rainy Glasgow last Christmas, Lorna told me that she was working on a new business for babies along with Elena. Having known Lorna and her husband my entire life, I knew that anything she put her mind to was going to be a success, so she had me onboard before I even knew what the product was! But in May, in between revising for my first year University exams, there I was looking at the amazingly vibrant BUBABLOONs that these two mumpreneurs had created and I was eager to join the team as soon as possible. 

Finally coming on board at the end of June (after a long month of exams followed by two weeks of blissful travelling), I joined this terrific team as social media manager. I have since aided Lorna and Elena in keeping their social media profiles topped up with engaging content and work to keep the website up to date. 

I have always had an interest in business and last summer I completed two summer internships that gave me some concrete experience in marketing and social media for businesses. As a millennial, I have been fortunate to grow up in the age of technology and alongside the explosion of social networking, so I combined this deep knowledge of social media and my appreciation for business to start managing online profiles for brands. Over the past year I have managed the social media for a local election candidate, a conference for young people 'Create:2014' and now, the fast-growing BUBABLOON!

I can't wait to see where Elena and Lorna take the company and I am so excited to be on board from such an early stage. From managing the social media, I am certain that BUBABLOON's supportive fans and friends across Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest can help us to take BUBABLOON to the successful heights it so deserves!

- Sarah McBride, Social Media Manager at BUBABLOON 

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