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Inspiring mumpreneurs - An introduction to Little Lulu's.

by Guest Blogger

An Introduction to Little Lulu’s  -



Hello my name is Catriona. I am the creator of Little Lulu’s. I have been a lover of shoes for as long as I can remember. When people asked me as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was always that I wanted to work in a shoe shop.  As a student I studied footwear and accessory design at the prestigious Cordwainers’ College.  After a long time love affair with shoes inexplicably I fell in love with handbag design and pursued a career in that.  I worked in the fashion industry for about 11 years as a handbag designer, designing high-end Italian made handbags as well as fast fashion faux leather bags for high street retailers. It was only when I started a family that I decided I wanted to have a go at being my own boss.


It is something I’d always talked about doing throughout my whole career but I never really had enough inclination to do it. Then I had my daughter, Layla. For me I think it was such a life changing experience, it helped me to focus my mind and realise a dream I had always wished for. I think I gained the confidence I lacked beforehand. Initially I planned to hand make baby shoes myself on my leather sewing machine in the attic. It would be a small outfit selling on etsy and at craft fairs but as I made more plans it seamed to take on a life of its own. I was searching for factories and making plans for a website of my own.  When I found the wonderful Italian studio where the shoes are now made I was hooked and really wanted to make it work on a larger scale. I went to visit them and the first range was planned.  


Setting up Little Lulu’s has been a roller coaster of emotion with a lesson learned at every step of the way and I have loved every minute.  I have had some wonderful help in getting it all set up. I have been having one on one coaching sessions through a local government agency and my friends, family and husband, Luay have been there through all the ups and downs.


The website is live now and I feel like I can finally get going on sales and promotions. I have been amazed by the camaraderie between other business owners on social media sites. Everyone is very keen to help and get the word out there for each other. I have learned a lot from other business this way too!


I’m hoping it will be a roaring success. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!


Catriona xxx  

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