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George loves his Bubabloon! He's currently having a great time patting it! Louise Whiddett‎
My Grandson playing with his new Bubabloon Louise Mallin‎
We have got the cows and chickens BubaBloon and also bought her little friend the planes BubaBloon too !! We love them, she takes the cows everywhere with us, which included sharing with George The Bulldog when we visited him Paulla Davis‎
A massive thanks the kids at group had a ball with these and were very taken with them I'm hugely impressed and very grateful thank you very very much. Lyndsay Henning‎
Bought 4 of the Buba Bloons at the BOB event in London on Saturday. Our 8 1/2 month old grandson loved his. Brilliant idea, so light, soft and so spoiled for choice with the designs. Well done! Christine Dunlop
Ava loving her BUBABLOON Nicola Stewart‎
Imogen enjoying her Bubabloon Kerry Mitchell
I think it's clear from the sheer joy on his face that my 3-year-old Leon loves his sensory tent filled with Bubabloons! I'm a big fan as this is a great, safe product and with Leon's CP and sensory issues, it means I don't have to worry that a balloon will pop in his face and upset him. He loves the textures and can grip it better too. Thank you! Kasia Thompson
Our bubabloons arrived today!!! Cooper loves them!! Thank you very much! Kim O'Donnell
One happy boy. Thank you Bubabloon :) Donna Edmunds
Look what the postman brought today! Happy Taylor xx Emily Woodcock
Amanda Evans
Eleanor Ramsay
Emmie Ann
Ruby loves her Bubabloon! thank you so much! Ruby Marshall
Aaron Myles
Got one for my 6 month old Jacob after he loved playing with one at baby sensory class, thank you very much he loves it Jacob Paterson
Bought both my boys one each at the weekend, my almost 3 year old hasn't put his down since it arrived this morning, he says "I love it Mam!!!" I love the fact he can kick and throw it about everywhere and it doesn't matter if it hits the tv, fish tank or his baby brother, it's not gonna cause any damage or injury, fantastic invention which I will be recommending to all my "Mammy" friends, in fact I'll recommend it to everyone!!! Can't wait for our tiny man to wake up and see how he likes his Bubabloon too!!! McConnachie Boys
Emilie loves her new Bubabloon so much that she bought one for her cousin Cabhàn-Gabriel. Emilie MacLeod
Eira still loves playing with hers Eira Herbert
Loving our bubaloon Katie Woodcock
We have enjoyed using our trial ball in the Baby Sensory Stirling classes. Babies are loving it. Oh and loving the Multi Sensory Balloon ball will need to try this one out in our classes. thanks again Baby Sensory Stirling
Bubabloon goes camping! Alison Mountford
I love my new Bubabloon (it was a 1st birthday present but she got it a few days early as I couldn't wait!) xx Laura Marshall
Luke with his favourite colour! Luke Calderon