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BUBABLOON Press Coverage

BUBABLOON and BIGBUBA featured on RTE's Late Late Toy Show

–Late Late Toy Show

"We absolutely love these. A great investment for a lifetime of parties and play!"

–Mummy and Me Magazine

"Busting balloons and children? Not a good idea. But bouncing balloons that don't go pop are. Our young tester was so taken with it, he won't give it back. "

–Scotland on Sunday / Spectrum

Top toys for the summer "Bubabloon is a multi-sensory fabric balloon cover that keeps the floaty, bouncy effect of a balloon, but helps protect your child from the hazard of the balloon bursting, leaving chokeable bits of rubber around. It’s a great space-saving toy when travelling, too."

–Prima Baby & Pregnancy

I know we’ve had so much fun with it as a family as Amelia’s latest favourite game is running off with the Bubabloon shouting “mine mine mine” and usually her Gramp’s is chasing after her to get it off her. 

Blogging has introduced me to some really great products but I have to say this is probably the most innovative thing I’ve come across. It is such a simple idea but I love it.

It is so versatile for inside and out and we have used it every single day since we’ve had it. 

I love this product and could definitely see us getting some more of the designs. 

–Alice & Amelia

When I first saw this product I will admit that I was skeptical. A balloon cover in fabric to me just seemed like a really light ball....well ladies and gentlemen...I swallow my words!

This toy is amazing! I love it, Bubba loves it and even Hubby loves it and here's why... Read more here

–My Mummy Spam

"It's a really fab idea which gives hours of fun for a variety of ages. I'm sure it will be enjoyed in our household for years to come! Fab!"

Read the full review on Lylia Rose

–Lylia Rose

The Latest Mummy Must-have. "I have an irrational fear of balloons bursting and bits being swallowed especially by AMC who tends to put it straight to his mouth so this fantastic yet simple design is perfect he can suck bite and chew and if the balloon bursts it will stay safely inside!"

Read the full review at Baby Matters

–Baby Matters