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BubaBloon Baby Gifts

Give the gift of fun!

We all know how much fun balloons are and kids are easily tempted by the colours and bounciness they offer but balloons also come with a loud POP when hugged a little too tightly and kids hug what they love! With the BubaBloon, there’s no POP, just hours of laughter and games.

It’s rare to find a toy that’s practical and fun so we went and designed one! A multi-sensory fabric casing for balloons which prevents popping and has a light, floaty, bouncy effect. It’s the perfect gift to give to family and friends and provides hours of entertainment for children.

Made in the UK

Available in a host of bright, bold and whimsical colours, baby print and more mature designs, ranging from campervans to pirates and animals to inspirations from nature.  While pink toys are known to have a more calming effect, the more patterned and bright colours can inspire a real sense of fun. The BubaBloon cover is ‘Made in Britain’ and is a non-tech toy that makes any standard 12-inch balloon play safe for babies, toddlers, big kids and grown-ups alike.

Toy for ages 4months+

Little ones often want to copy their big brothers and sisters but those competitive games can sometimes be a bit rough so with the BubaBloon you can create a gentler version of some those popular games. Going to a children’s party or a friend’s house with the kids? Take the BubaBloon with you and keep them entertained while you catch up with the grown ups or join in the fun too!

BubaBloon is a fun, simple and safe toy to pop in the changing bag, pocket, toy box or car. Just a little squishy, it’s air-light and full of possibilities! Some colours are limited so order your favourite today!