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BubaBloon for Autism and Disability

Are you ready to join the BubaBloon family?

We understand that some autistic children and adults can find it difficult to take on every day and physical tasks, but these are also important in helping to reduce anxiety and self-stimulation behaviour. Research also found that by carrying out physical exercises first, some of the children are then better able to concentrate at table top tasks.

Every child and adult deserves the chance to have fun and join in activities just like everyone else. The BubaBloon is perfect for outdoor or indoor play and exercise and is a safer alternative to balls or balloons. Every one is made right here in Britain by mummies, for parents and carers just like us.

For all ages

Guided exercise and games using a Bubabloon can provide this in a fun environment and encourage relaxation. We recommend choosing one of the paler colours for a soothing, calming effect with autism. It’s an ideal skills and sensory ball for helping to fine tune motor skills in toddlers, older children and adults (ages 4months+).

Enabling Kids

When your child is just that little bit more special, then their toys should be too. A BubaBloon is great for playdates for kids who need that little extra encouragement with joining in. They say distraction is a parent’s best tool and the BubaBloon is delightfully distracting for all the right reasons! It’s a beautiful autism toy for children that helps with learning and skill development and yet looks exactly like a toy should!

And big kids too

Adults can also use a BubaBloon to exercise and improve motor skills and range of movement. As the perfect autism ball for adults, it can be used seated or standing for those less able or disabled. Let out your inner kid with your favourite colour or patterned balloon ball. Beautifully crafted with attention to detail in a range of colours and patterns.