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BubaBloon for Dementia & Arthritis

Encouraging Engagement & Entertainment

Laughter feels great at any age!

Encourage friends and family members to stay actively engaged in life no matter their age. There are many ways to use your Bubabloon balloon ball and encourage elderly people to take part in activities to keep their mind and body in shape and even enjoy a little light-hearted fun!

Nostalgic games can bring back great memories and liven things up when you want to improve spirits. Games involving the Bubabloon can be adapted for people who have physical limitations or limited vision and rules can be as simple or as challenging as you’d like. 

Head-to-toe & Mental Stimulation

Bubabloon stimulates the mind whether using it solo for a little light exercise or an interactive game with others. It’s been well documented that exercise and some healthy competition can do wonders at staving off a variety of illnesses and conditions. Relieve stiffness and encourage free-range movement with this easy and fun activity and skills ball.

Exercise and Agility

It’s perfect for getting or keeping fit and improving motor skills, particularly for those with arthritis and other joint issues. And if you’re trying to create a dementia friendly environment, choosing a Bubabloon in bright or contrasting colours can allow sufferers to participate and engage in activities. It’s great for muscle movement, light and easy to hold and throw, as well as washable and reusable.

Safe & Sound for All!

Even better, it won’t pop like a balloon and frighten the old yins! Really effective as an air-light, inside or outdoor ball, it can be used seated or standing so everyone can join in! It’s ideal for senior centres, old people’s care homes, sheltered accommodation and group activities for the elderly and less active. The Bubabloon proves you’re never too old for fun!