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BubaBloon for Motor Skills

Good clean fun

Relieve boredom bounce after bounce...

Ready to play with in just a jiffy and will keep your little ones amused for hours. Bubabloon is the must-have toy that teaches during playtime and helps with child development. A non-tech toy that makes the simple joy of balloon play safe for babies, toddlers, big kids and grown-ups too.

Inspire courage in your child as they run and chase their new toy, boost their imagination as they make up new games and watch them learn as they play. This isn’t just a toy – it is a fun, educational, sensory ball that encourages imaginative play every single time. There’s one for every taste. Choose from the adorable range of colours and patterns to suit your little one’s personality.

Just a few reason we know you’ll love the BubaBloon:

Machine washable, pocket-stuffable, kiddie-durable – it really is the busy parent’s dream toy! Bursting with colour, bursting with fun, but never bursting your balloon, it’s very specially designed to safely reduce the risk of choking or injury from a regular latex balloons. A sensory sensation for your little ones – bright, colourful, bouncy, floaty and fun to feel.

Educational and fun

Who knew something so simple, could provide so much delight and still be good for baby. It encourages the development of motor skills from an early age through play. Bubabloon allows you to combine growth, development and fun all during playtime. Baby sensory toys are fantastic fun and can help fine tune motor skills through a variety of throwing games and creative play.

May cause silliness

The BubaBloon is innovative, eye-catching, creative, light, and is even known to cause laughter after bumps to the nose! Play, chase and throw and enjoy any number of games together from silly to challenging. So much fun, you’ll forget it’s good for your baby too. Keep your BubaBloon in the nappy bag, the car boot, the toy box or the playroom and bring it out whenever it’s time for fun and silliness. Easy to blow up and take down, just pop it in its carry pouch and off you go….