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BubaBloon Through the Years

BubaBloon is a versatile children's toy. As well as being great fun, it can also help kids develop and explore the world.

4-11 Months

  • Use BubaBloon with a partially inflated balloon, this makes it really easy to grab for little hands – it’s also a brilliant sensation to feel the balloon and fabric move
  • It's totally safe in your child’s mouth, and again the textures make it interesting to explore. 100% washable and reusable, so it can always be clean and fresh
  • Hold it above your child to provide visual stimulation and give them something to reach, grab for or kick

8-20 Months

  • Use BubaBloon as a prop to help baby sit up
  • It’s the perfect size for baby to develop motor skills by picking it up, start off with a partially inflated balloon and as they age add more air to increase difficulty
  • BubaBloon is amazing crawling motivation, kids can reach for it, knock it further away and chase it. As it’s never quite round it doesn’t travel as far as a ball would, plus it’s really light.

16-26 Months

  • Use BubaBloon as a ball to help kids learn to follow instructions (roll, throw etc), or where to tidy it away after play

22-36 Months

  • BubaBloon is perfect to help develop kicking skills – nice and light for younger kids and won’t damage anything as they master the ability!
  • Perfect for virtually any ball game, throwing skills and heading the ball

30-50 Months

  • BubaBloon is one of the best ways to build catching skills, start off partially inflated for ease and then increase inflation to increase difficulty
  • Introduce BubaBloon Colour-In Collection to arts and crafts time, our washable design comes in a brilliant travel print with 5 markers – try colouring inside the lines and seeing how colours bleed and blend

40-60 Months

  • At this stage most ball skills should be developing, use BubaBloon to build and improve push, pat, throw, catch and kick movements as well as hand/eye coordination
  • Extend these movements into games like football or basketball – even throwing BubaBloon into boxes as targets