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BubaBloon Reviews

Our goal is to make a product customers (and their kids) love. Here's what they have to say about BubaBloon...

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I ordered this for my children (3 and 4) and they love it. I think we'll go through balloons pretty quickly though! I'll be ordering another one for my niece soon.


My little boy has had great fun with his bubabloon. He loves that he can play with it inside.

Great fun

Arrived quickly and is just what I had hoped for. Made from soft fabric in fun colours, washes well. Perfect for my 8 month old to play with, she loves it!

Lovely idea

What a lovely idea this is. I brought for my grandson, he loves it. He can play with the bubabloon inside the house and also outside, without a chance of breaking anything. Can I also say that my son, who is 21 yrs old and his friends like to play with it as well

Lovely bright colour

Bought this after seeing them on Dragons Den really good idea I got the pink camper vans my granddaughter is almost 15 weeks and smiled quite a lot I think she will love it more the older she gets


The ballon ball toy is better than I expected, a fun lightweight ball that is just great for toddlers. Would like couple more but a bit pricey. Thank you


Bought the twin pack for my son who is 6 months old and my neice who is 10 months old. They both love them, they are light and easy for them to hold and play with. Would definitely recommend.

A Great idea.

I ordered a few of these as looked really good that and my 12 year old and 9 year old thought so too. When they arrived they both had one each and played for hours a great idea and will be going on holiday with us to play on beach and in and out of the caravan and my four month old loves the vibrant colours and loves to watch her brothers play with them. Would highly recommend this product and I think defo a great idea as birthday presents for old and young as even I had to have a play too. We are all big kids at heart after all x

Excellent gift

We received a bubabloon as a gift for my 8 month old at Christmas! He loved it so much I ordered several for my friends children's 1st birthdays!
This twin pack is exceptional value for money too.

Great idea and very well made

Lovely pattern and great idea. Works brilliantly to stop balloons popping. I'd suggest a lighter weigh fabric as balloon doesn't 'float'. I still love the product, and quality excellent.


My little boy LOVES balloons but I was always about the safety of them if they popped. The Bubabloon is perfect, he absolutely loves it and it's perfectly safe!! Would definitely recommend.


My son loves his bubabloon and would recommend.

Excellent quality toy

The bubaloon is well made the design is very pretty for a little girl as well as the colours standing out.
A excellent toy as it light weight for little ones to carry and bounce .

Fantastic 1st birthday gift

We bought this as a 1st birthday gift - fantastic choice as our little one hasn't stopped playing with it. We love the way it is so portable, it's been on days out and holiday with us! Lots of fun to be had for years to come.

Sooooooo Good!

These balls are just perfect for my little 3-year old grandson! They can be thrown or kicked without worrying about them destroying anything in the house. I love them. I found them by accident when visiting the Ripple Retreat at Loch Venacher. They had them for the children using the Retreat. They are superb! Highly recommend them

Excellent product

I bought the bubabloon for my daughter's first birthday and I love how easy it is to take out and about. Fantastic quality and it arrived very quickly too.

Balloon Toy

My children loved this type of ball when they were younger but it went missing so I was pleased to be able to find this one and I hope my grandchildren have as much fun with it.

Fabulous and fun!!

Great company to deal with! Easy ordering process, fast shipping, attractive packaging, easy to assemble and great fun!!

Such a good idea

My one year old loves his bubaloon. The original balloon is still going after almost 2 months (its deflated a bit!) he loves watching us throw it into yr air and also hitting our heads with it! . Such a simple idea but it works! I've bought 5 more for all his little friends. Thanks!

Love love love

My son loves his new ball as he's calling it! The lightness of a balloon but with sturdiness...perfect!

Yellow bubabloon

Ordered for my 3 year old who loves balloon s. Very safe and my daughter loves it. She can play indoors with it. Comes with free balloon x


Lovely design and great idea, I hate babies with balloons as they bite them this def protects the balloon popping in their faces!! It always keeps me relaxed around them!!


My son loves this. He's always rolling it around and chasing it. It bounces more than I thought it would which is great. The colours are fantastic and make it very interesting for him.
Could not fault the shipping speed or company communication. It was perfect.

Lovely toy for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

My kids love bubabloons. We put rice in the balloon before inflating it to make the balloon rattle.


Love love love this! My little ten month boy loves playing with balloons and chasing them around the room, since he got teeth they would always pop. This is the perfect solution! Hours of fun, well made and super service. Highly recommend Bubabloon!

Fun time with bubabloon

My grandson played with this for ages. His parents like it too.

Simple but amazing!

This is something so simple but so great, my little one loves playing with this more than all his other expensive toys. I really like that I can take the balloon out and take it with us when we go away in a couple of weeks without it taking up lots of space. I also don't have to worry about a choking hazard if he pops the balloon around the baby. I just need another one for the baby now as he always wants it off his brother!

Delivery was brilliant, i'd recommend this to everyone!

Highly recommend

I got these for my daughters 1st birthday. She loves playing with them and I don't worry about the balloon bursting andnbeing a choking hazard. Such a simple idea which gives so much fun. I highly recommend them.


My son has many disabilities and sensory issues as soon has I seen the bubabloon my son loves balloons so these are perfect they aforementioned his birthday which is on 22nd March thank you

colour in bag

We purchased our colour in bag for our holiday to Cyprus, not only did it keep my 3 year old occupied on the plane, being a bag it also meant we could leave the Trunki at home. Win, Win . Thank you Bubabloon.

Fab balls, great idea

These are such a good idea, I bought a few as gifts and will definitely be getting one for my daughter when she is a bit bigger. Will be so handy to keep in my handbag for days in the park etc.

Brilliant idea!

Absolutely brilliant idea. Saw it on dragons den and thought how brilliant an idea it was. We live in a small flat and a football indoors just not practical! This solves that problem perfectly. Well done.


My son loves his chicken bubabloon! It's very well made and the bright colours contrast really well also it's easy to take it anywhere I go weither it's to the park, swimming, holiday, trip to see family etc because this is such a light toy with the balloon inside it also helps for the ball to not keep going over to the next door neighbours garden unlike a hard ball which would just catapult over thier lol

Outstanding customer service

Was disappointed that my gift box was 'slightly' damaged - dropped an email to Bubaloon and 'hey' replaced by return of post- will definitely use this site again x

Just what I hoped!

In 1953 my granny gave my mum a red ball on her 1st birthday. In 1980 my mum gave me a red ball for my 1st birthday, and last weekend I gave my baby this for his first birthday, and he loves it. We have a very small flat, so this is the perfect ball! Thank you!


My cousin send me video with her son playing with the balloon ball. He looks so happy. The delivery takes more than expected, but it's worth the wait.


My 1 year old loves this! And the dogs cannot burst it when he's throwing it about :) excellent invention a week later and it's still going strong! Definitely a present I'll buy the babies this year!

Great for dogs

Had great service from bubabloon from start to finish.

Bought this for my dog and he loves it! And it means we don't have to put up with the usual noise of him playing with a balloon or worry about him swallowing bits if it bursts (although so far this doesn't seem to happen as much when using bubabloon.)


I love this item! Perfect present for my godson as he loves balls and balloons speedy response and deliver also

Panda bubaloon

I love rhos product! My little girl loves playing with balloons, but is quite rough! This makes them safe as if they pop all the bits are inside the fabric. It also is ideal for plain indoors as it's not too heavy! Love it!

For all ages

Love this my daughter is 17 months and she loves it as it's right size for her colourful and we can talk about colours music and also it meets many eyps goals so educational too I've bought one for my niece who's younger can't wait to give it to her :) also love the fact that you can take it anywhere

Perfect for indoors ball play

As a PE teacher I would use loads of these to get kids confidence up. Currently on maternity so just letting my girls enjoy them. We bash them around the house having lots of fun and they don't damnage things. My 9 month old is obsessed with balloons so it's nice to have this safe way to play

Fantastic Product

Fantastic product can't believe I've not heard of it before thank you Facebook advertising. My daughter will be getting this for her 1st birthday she will love it as she loves playing with balloons but I'm always scared they will pop but that won't be an issue here. Can't wait for her to okay with it. Also speedy delivery and great price.

Love this product

Purchased two last year one for my 1 year old son and one for my niece. Purchased a further two in the sale for birthday presents this year. Thanks


i brought this for my 6 month old baby shes loves it and we all play with it together and she giggles so much !! not just for the child but for family fun aswell !! great idea and great price !!!


Kids love these, Baby and older boy. As a balloon doesn't always roll straight which is great for ones crawling after it. Great for bringing with you for them to play with too as it's a balloon so no fear of breaking or hurting anyone

Great gift

Highly recommend. Our two sons played indoor football for hours with theirs which was about 25 years ago .. one son commented on this when he saw I had bought this for his little girl! Two have gone to Australia for grandchildren out there. Great to post as so light. BTW still have the original and use it! Not many gifts last that long! :)

Always a favourite

My children used to play with one of these for hours so I was pleased to find them for my grandchildren. Great service . Thank you

Best toy ever

It's the best toy ever my 10month's old little boy loves it and never far from it he always playing with it!


Amazing service and product, i know my children will love these! Xx